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Flood of vaccine at CVS in California
Sometime about 2:15PM today, virtually every CVS in California that gives vaccine showed up as Available, and they are still showing that 1.5 hours later.   I got a text from CVS indicating they have 100s of vaccines available.

California is opening up to a much larger group in 2 weeks.
Quote:Beginning March 15, healthcare providers may use their clinical judgement to vaccinate individuals aged 16-64 who are deemed to be at the very highest risk to get very sick from COVID-19 because they have the following severe health conditions:
  • [b]Cancer[/b], current with weakened immune system

  • [b]Chronic kidney disease[/b], stage 4 or above

  • [b]Chronic pulmonary disease, [/b]oxygen dependent

  • [b]Down syndrome[/b]

  • [b]Solid organ transplant, [/b]leading to a weakened immune system

  • [b]Pregnancy[/b]

  • [b]Sickle cell disease[/b]

  • [b]Heart conditions[/b], such as heart failure, coronary artery disease, or cardiomyopathies (but not hypertension)

  • [b]Severe obesity[/b] (Body Mass Index ≥ 40 kg/m2)

  • [b]Type 2 diabetes mellitus[/b] with hemoglobin A1c level greater than 7.5%

If as a result of a developmental or other severe high-risk disability one or more of the following applies:
  • The individual is likely to develop severe life-threatening illness or death from COVID-19 infection

  • Acquiring COVID-19 will limit the individual’s ability to receive ongoing care or services vital to their well-being and survival

  • Providing adequate and timely COVID care will be particularly challenging as a result of the individual’s disability.

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