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More pharmacies come online
The first 1M doses went to pharmacies nation-wide on Feb. 8.  IIRC, they went to 6800 pharmacies, with more stores in the future. (At least Texas posted how many doses went to which pharmacies in the state via the Federal Retail Pharmacy distribution program.  The CDC is posting how many doses go to the states, but has not yet posted distributions via the pharmacy program nor via FEMA.)  I presume more doses went out on Feb. 15 but I haven't confirmed it.

CVS, Walgreens, Rite-Aid, Vons, Albertsons, HEB are among the pharmacies that I've personally tracked.  I believe Walmart is getting vaccine too.

The usability of the sites is hit and miss.  For instance I just went to one of those where you choose a location and then find out nothing is available, and then get to start all over to try a different location.  (I found CVS's site to be easy to use.)

I looked at Austin and found that the major vaccination hubs had more than 10 weeks worth of filled appointments.  I was told 12K doses a week at one site with 180K people registered.

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