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Efficacy vs delayed 2nd dose
I've seen differing reports on the efficacy of the mRNA vaccines with a much-delayed 2nd dose.

Fauci as well as the CDC and HHS have urged that we stick to the schedule of the 2 doses as used in the clinical trials.  England has chosen to delay the 2nd dose to get 1st doses to more people sooner.  I believe they are using 12 weeks (rather then 3) for the Pfizer vaccine.

Reports out of Israel have indicated vaccine efficiency less than reported from the clinical studies.

A Feb. 3 report (not yet peer reviewed;  of course out of Britain) reviews the Israeli numbers and comes to a different conclusion for the Pfizer vaccine.

Quote:After initial injection case numbers increased to day 8 before declining to low levels by day 21. Estimated vaccine effectiveness was pretty much 0 at day 14 but then rose to about 90% at day 21 before levelling off.

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