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Tales on how to get vaccinated
A friend in San Mateo just got vaccinated yesterday. His health insurance is through Kaiser. At the Kaiser web site you can request an appointment, which he did. He heard about the Moscone center standing up a vaccination center and somehow got an appointment. This is similar to M_T's experience in that it's clear that you have to be a bit more proactive to get the vaccine earlier. This has nothing to do with eligibility. People who have the means and experience to work through this type of problem get the vaccine earlier. In other words, disadvantaged folks are screwed.

My sister in law is not eligible (I think). She lives in Philadelphia. She drove to sparsely populated towns where small pharmacies were providing vaccinations, about 2 hours away. She would show up at the end of the day and point out that she was available if any vaccinations were about to go unused. She got one on her 5th try (40 hours of waiting and driving). Her reasoning was that vaccines are distributed by population and that rural areas might not have as much demand for political or trust reasons. I think what's happening is very different. I think people are registering for an appointment at more than one place. When they get the vaccine at one place, they don't notify the other. Thus there is an unplanned no-show and available thawed vaccine at the end of the day. This is hard to deal with in a small rural area. How do you get the next eligible person in time? In a way this is gaming the system, seen differently it is a way to avoid wasting a precious commodity. 

My healthy brother in law, 63, just got vaccinated. He's been teaching guitar at the local VA to vets suffering from PTSD for years. I am totally comfortable with this. It's the mental equivalent of a physical therapist, a front line worker.
The Washington Post has an article that describes how to get a vaccine for yourself or help someone else get a vaccine once eligible. It has some good tips and links.

How to master the vaccine-appointment website: A guide for everyone

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