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CDC Data Tracker
The CDC's data tracker page has gotten a lot of new information since the last time I looked at it.

Lots of good stuff:  You can dig down to info about counties & cases & hospitalizations.  Various info about the counties is included (density, etc.).  Lots of new information pulled together about vaccinations.

Some data I've not looked at before, like Mobility.

There's some data that isn't really ready yet.  "Social Info" will need to gather more info before it is even interesting, but it will not be comprehensive.

There is info about cases & deaths for healthcare workers, but I consider it essentially useless. It is not comprehensive, nor do I see any evidence that it can be used as some statistical sample. When I looked into it, I decided it gave no insight into how many healthcare workers got COVID nor how many died from it.

Lots to explore.

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