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How to get a genome sequencing done?
A recent article indicated that the US has only sequenced 0.3% of the infections.

As I know someone currently with COVID, I was wonder how one could get their virus sequenced.  I looked around and couldn't find anything.  There is one site in the UK that may offer the service.

My thought is that knowing the genome might be useful for the future if other variants can reinfect (or not) those with prior variants.

Anyone know how to get this done, outside of finding some research program?  Or perhaps you know a research program that would be quick to get into for this purpose?
I don't think anyone will do it on demand.

RNA sequencing can theoretically be done at practically every university Biology Department in the country. The machines are there for basic research. There should be a coordinated effort to sample virus RNA from around the country on an ongoing basis. One of many things the feds should be doing. The Trump administration had no clue. God knows how long the Biden Administration will take to get this type of monitoring up and functioning. It's going to take money to do it - and coordination among many labs - but it is certainly doable.

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