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Broward Co, FL, fills vaccine appts rapidly
On Dec. 30, Broward County in southern Florida (pop. 1.9+M) filled vaccine appointments quickly.  One organization stopped accepting appointments by noon, saying they were filled through February.  A state health department website crashed from the crush of appointment seekers.

In Florida, those that are 65+ can get the vaccine now.

Not surprisingly, appointments for the vaccine are precious.  One can imagine there will be behind-the-doors gifts of appointments to some people by organizations that have shots to give.  "Thank you for all your donations.  Will you be available next week for a vaccine appointment?"

I encourage people to post here when they hear appointments are going to be available publicly in their areas.  

I do think each of us should consider our own situation and whether we think we should be near the front of the line or can let others go in front.  Yes, there are going to be those that we don't think should be at the front that do rush forward, but that doesn't mean that we have to be as reprehensible as they are.

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