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Fauci and Masks
(01-29-2021, 04:32 PM)cardcrimson Wrote: "ThatBoy, Fauci didn't change his mind, quickly or otherwise.  He knew what he was doing.  He was telling people not to wear masks because he wanted the masks for other people that he felt needed them more."

My point is that he intentionally mislead the masses. Problematic, don't you think?

Also, he and the CDC and the WHO continually told us that the coronavirus wasn't transmitted via aerosols, when they all knew it was. That's pretty problematic too. There are no crocodile tears, just disappointment in the so called experts who can't be consistent.

I actually agree and was somewhat disappointed that Biden chose him -- though Trump had plenty of time to fire him, as well.

My point was that it's a bit late for being upset about this. We know masks work. We've known for almost a year. Maybe Fauci is the wrong messenger. But if someone hasn't gotten the message by now they have bigger problems than Fauci.
(01-29-2021, 10:01 PM)thatboy Wrote:  But if someone hasn't gotten the message by now they have bigger problems than Fauci.

A number of us here previously used a similar forum on a sports board.  I have been watching college basketball.  It seems (some/many) coaches, and players, and officials flaunt not wearing masks when they are within 6' of others and not playing the game.

"Hasn't gotten the message by now" might well apply to them.  While I think they have heard the message, they aren't abiding by it.  And, they are demonstrating it publicly.  I believe that puts them into the category of "haven't gotten the message".

I think the same thing holds true throughout the country for many people from 4 to 104, whatever their occupation or political bent, it's just with TV sports we get to see it.
Yeah, I was on the Cardboard. I just didn't post much. I remember your post almost a year ago about flying back from Washington D.C. or something and being a bit concerned.

I agree with the sports problem. But at least those guys are tested several times a week, I think. So the optics are bad, but the risk is lower than your average Joe who goes into Walmart or something and refuses to wear a mask.
I think Biden kept Fauci on because Americans generally listen to him and he's generally popular. If you chose someone new who is unknown to the entire country they will have less clout for months or years to come. The never-maskers won't listen no matter who you put forward, so I'm not inclined to care who they like or dislike.

Fauci hasn't always made the perfect decision politically, but he isn't a politician.

Good thing they didn't pick me. I don't have much of a filter between my brain and my mouth.

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