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Santa Clara County (CA) vaccine appointments
Stanford Health System has been accepting appointments from 65+.   On Saturday, available appointments were mid-March in Palo Alto.  On Sunday, I know someone who got an appointment for March 25 in Emeryville.   That person indicated they had no appointments in Pleasanton within 3 months.

I expect more appointments will show up in the mean time.  For instance if they made appointments based on an estimate of 1K doses a week but on some week 1.5K doses arrive, I'd expect they'd open up new appointments for the week.

At this time, it appears that all the other health care providers and county are still only taking 75+ (plus phase 1-A).
Santa Clara County Health and El Camino Health started accepting appointments for 65+ this afternoon.  
PAMF/Sutter and Kaiser patients are excluded.

See the county page for links.
Darn it! Apparently PAMF has been giving out appointments via walk-up for 65+ but not indicating it on their website, via phone, or by email. I got an appointment today for the end of February.

I got mine by going to the facility in Mountain View.
Two things seem inappropriate here:

(1) excluding groups by plan,
(2) limiting the demand by not announcing vaccinations.
PAMF/Sutter has said they'll open up (online) appointments to 65+ this week.

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