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Vaccinating by zipcode denied in Texas
Over on the other board there were suggestions to prioritize vaccinations by high incident/minority zip codes.

Dallas County decided to do this but was shut down by the state, with a threat that supplies would be cut off. 

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Sounds like Texas. I'm sure GR would be pleased.

I'll bet the state knows exactly which zip codes are faring the worst and overloading the hospital system. I know a physician from Texas who moved to the Bay Area to work about 1 year ago. He had two friends still living in Texas in the medical field who died of Covid recently.
Unlike California, for Texas you can see how many doses were delivered where each week, within the state.
Want to see the ICUs with lots of COVID patients? see the CDC data at the county level.  (Your Community > County View > State/County > Hospital Utilization > % ICU used for C19)
(The two Texas counties with highest % ICU are 40K and 50K in population, 1/500th the population density of LA County, and got 600 and 800 doses this week, a rate of 15-16 doses per 1000 population per week; Texas got 407K doses for 29M for week of 2/8 = 14 doses per 1000 per week. It appears that Texas, like California, and as all states agreed upon at the start of federal distribution, are distributing by population.)

It is interesting to dig into the CDC data at, say, Vaccination Demographics. (Unfortunately it doesn't give ratio vaccinated per the population of the particular demographic.) When you look at age & gender, you can see that doses weren't distributed to the most at risk of hospitalization or death initially.

I was disappointed to see that nearly 100K LTCF people are STILL getting 1st doses each day. (Vaccination Trends > Fed LTCF > 1 or more > Daily) That should have been much faster, IMO. They've been a priority for 59 days at this point. And, it is clear that vaccinations are at 50% on weekends.

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