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Covid before Vaccine takes effect?
Does anyone know if one may have a more adverse reaction before you hit that 10 day mark for the Pfizer vaccine? (actually, I'm not sure if this is Moderna or Pfizer).

I know an ICU nurse in her 70s with comorbidities who just got the first shot a week ago, but is now in the ICU with Covid-Pneumonia. =(

With minimal knowledge with vaccines, I was wondering if one might be more prone to adverse reactions as your body ramps up the respose to the vaccine.  Like a double whammy of vaccine and Sars-Cov-2 at once.
As a layman, I think the shot triggers your immune response system. If you were exposed to the disease a few days after the shot (10-ish), your antibodies would be on the warpath already. If you were exposed to the disease earlier and were about to break out with symptoms, your antibodies would be on the warpath and would attack the vaccine.

I suppose there could be a sweet (sour) spot, where the timing was just right (wrong) and the virus and vaccine triggered the immune system simultaneously, causing a greater reaction.

As I understand it, the CDC and Operation Warp Speed are looking for incidents such as this. I hope that someone is reporting this via the right channels.

I hope she/he recovers quickly. I take a little comfort that she/he will get the best care from her/his colleagues.
No one knows the answer to this question. There have been reports of other vaccines causing more severe infections if the infection began within a short window after administration.

There is a nurse from my facility who became Covid positive about 5 days after vaccine administration. She did not get very sick.

In the Pfizer trials, I believe there was only one individual who became seriously ill with Covid after administration, and I believe it was 5 or 6 weeks after administration.

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