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Quicker access to Paxlovid
The FDA has issued an Emergency Use Authorization allowing a state-licensed pharmacist to prescribe Paxloviid to patients under certain conditions:
  • The patient must be at high risk of developing severe COVID (CDC ;  NIH)
  • The prescriber must have recent (12-month) blood work that shows no issues with liver or kidneys
  • The patient must have mild to moderate COVID (I don't know that asymptomatic COVID is considered "mild")

A self-reported positive home antigen test is allowed for evidence of COVID.

Previously and still, Paxlovid was available at Test-to-treat sites.
Now, it should be more easily available.

(I recently had to get a (non-COVID) vaccine.  I went to one of the pharmacies a couple of miles away that is also a test-to-treat site.  They were 45 minutes behind their appointments.   Now I should be able to get it at a more local, less backed-up neighborhood pharmacy.)

I find the CDC's info on high risk to be a bit confusing.  It is easy to read it as just being a list of comorbidities.  But 65+ is actually one of the (not-obviously listed) high risks.
Thanks for sharing this, I was just looking to see how easy it would be to get for my wife if she were to contract Covid. I'm commenting for easy reference in the future.

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