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Masks/no masks at venues in SF Bay Area
One of the music venues that I've attended in the past is in Santa Cruz, CA.  I still get their weekly mailings but haven't been there since before COVID.  I note that they say they follow their county's orders and that masks are NOT required.

This past week, I evaluated going to a concert in an indoor venue in Berkeley, CA. An artist I have followed for decades was playing there.  The venue said all the right things:  MERV-13 filters, 7 air exchanges per hour of fresh air, no food in the auditorium, vaccinations of all guests (5+; no under 5 allowed) checked before entry, masks (no bandanas/gaiters) required of all guests, performers&staff vaccinated, cleaning of surfaces, etc.  Refunds given if you feel sick & can't attend.  I called 1.5 hours before the show and was told that about 30% of the seats were sold.

I decided to go, knowing that I could leave at any time if I felt uncomfortable.  I took a new N95 mask (plus 2 spares).  I wear glasses and wore a baseball cap as I have when I've had to go into stores and such (it is close to a full face mask).

Everything went as indicated.  Vaccination checked before they'd let me in.  During the entire show and after, I saw only one guest not wearing their mask properly (over their mouth but not their nose).   The crowd was mostly 50+.   The main floor had 3 sections.  The middle section was 60-70% occupied when I got there (10 minutes before the show).  The side section I chose had no more than 2 people on any row, all on the aisle.  I wound up seating maybe 7 seats in from the aisle, with one person on the aisle on my row, and two people on the aisle on the adjacent rows.  

So, if you're in the Bay Area and looking for a music venue that is serious about protecting their patrons, I would recommend The Freight & Salvage in Berkeley.  I can't promise that other audiences will be as good about wearing masks.

I'd think just about everyone in the US, vaccinated or not, has some immunity, and anyone, vaccinated or not, might have COVID at any time.  I don't think vaccination proof is much good as a predictor as to whether someone has COVID today.  Recent vaccination/booster is presumably a predictor.  (If someone has never been vaccinated and has never had COVID, they probably have been and will continue to be very careful to avoid exposure.)

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