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Another booster?
One of my neighbors said they had just gotten a second booster. (Two MRNA shots, then booster, and now another booster)

I'm 4.5 months since my booster, and I'm starting to wonder if it is getting time to try to get another booster.  That is, I'm concerned that my protection from the MRNA  shots has waned, and I'm at risk of getting COVID if exposed.   I'm at elevated risk if I do get COVID.

The CDC has no recommendation for a "second booster".   What they do have is that for moderately or severely immunocompromised individuals, their recommendation is a 3-shot first series, followed by a booster.

I have seen one of the MRNA companies indicate they were getting ready to apply for approval for a 2nd booster.

So, I'm going to look for data indicating level of immunity at 5 months out from a 3rd shot, and the benefits of that immunity against Omicron (BA.2)

BA.2 continues to grow and decrease the older Omicron variants.  The CDC no longer shows any Delta or  Other (ie, 100% Omicron's 3 variants).  It seems to be dominant in the NE US and least widespread in the center of the US.

Sewage data is suggesting that we *may* be seeing the start of wider infections.  In the SF Bay Area, the rate of virus in sewage has bounced around a bit in different jurisdictions, but no widespread trend.   The CDC shows more sewage sites increasing dramatically in virus than decreasing dramatically, but the total sites decreasing some is more than the total sites increasing some.
The Biobot site shows a very slight increase overall.

I went to a basketball game this weekend and calculated that statistically that there would be about 2 people in the infectious stage in the audience, at least or the first game.  (Btw, I was disappointed at how many people (the vast majority near where I was) were not wearing masks.)  I wore my N95, arrived & left when there weren't crowds, and stayed at least 10' from other people.  With 2 days between games, I figured maybe 4 for the second game.

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