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Vaccination & Hospitalization/Death
On another board, someone wanted to know about vaccination vs hospitalization.
A first question is what is "vaccination"?  1 shot of J&J or 3 shots of Moderna?   Omicron or Delta?
A second thing to note is you have to look at case rates (per 100K in the category) not absolute numbers.

The CDC site for this wasn't useful.  Their death data is a bit better, but stops just before Omicron hits.

The best I quickly found is out of the state of Washington, with data up to this week.

Case rates:
12-34yo:  case rates are unvaccinated are 3x higher than "fully vaccinated"
35-64yo:   4x
65+:  6x

12-34yo:  8x
35-64yo:  11x
65+: 11x

65+:  15x
 Note:  partially vaccinated are now dying at the same rate as fully vaccinated.  The death rate for unvaccinated is falling faster than for fully vaccinated.
Death and hospitalization data by vaccination status for California is available on the state site at:

It looks like they are counting anyone with the original full course for the vaccine they got as vaccinated. Nothing about boosters.

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