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Pfizer vs Moderna boosters vs Omicron
We now have data from Pfizer & Moderna on how their boosters do against Omicron. (See other posts (P, M) I just made)

Warning:  I have previously seen warnings to not take the neutralizing antibody titers from different studies and compare them.  I am not qualified to say whether the raw numbers from the two studies are equivalent.  For instance, I haven't compared the subjects in the two studies.

I believe, but am not certain, that the ratio of increase by the booster may be comparable across studies.  Moderna seemed better at 37x (EUA 50ug booster for >= 18yo)  or 83x (EUA 100ug booster for immune-compromised people)  versus 25x for Pfizer.

However, should the numbers be on the same scale, it looks like Moderna is doing better against Omicron than Pfizer.  Pre-boost titers were 25 vs 6.  Post-boost were 850 (Moderna 50 ug booster) or 2228 (Moderna 100 ug booster) vs 155.

Pfizer says they are working on an Omicron-specific formulation.  Moderna indicated they were going to concentrate in the short-term on the current formulation.  I take this to mean that Moderna thinks their booster is the best currently and will be working on getting more doses out for people in the short run.  I think Pfizer wants to improve their situation.

What we haven't seen here are heterologous effect of mixing Moderna and Pfizer (2 shots of one, a booster of the other).  I previously posted one study that showed
  1. AZ + b. Pfizer > 1. Pfizer + 2. Pfizer > 1. Moderna + 2. Moderna > 1. AZ + 2. AZ
Note that in that study, it seemed that Pfizer+Pfizer was better than Moderna+Moderna.

I got my booster as soon as it was available. But if I were considering getting my booster at this point,
  1)  DON'T WAIT.  Whether I had contracted COVID (any variant) or not, I'd get a Pfizer or Moderna booster today.   I wouldn't even think about waiting months for an Omicron-specific booster.  That may be too late as the infections are going to peak very soon.
  2)  I'd probably get a Moderna booster, no matter what initial formulation I had.
  3)  If I could get a Moderna full-dose third shot (rather than the half dose EUA booster), I'd think that's best.
PLEASE NOTE:  I am not a physician. I know nothing about other people's health status.  This is my opinion for me.  Consult a physician for your situation.

People far more knowledgable than me will be comparing the vaccines after this report.  Pay attention to them.
THanks for posting all this info.   

NOt medical experts, yet I heard an interesting podcast from 3 Hoover Institution fellows last saturday that touched on various aspects of COVID and Omicron.  Their conclusions were:   
  • government needs to top letting "perfect" get in the way of "good" and react more quickly to the real world situation
  • Ramp up testing as fast as possible
  • Deploy effective--tweaked if necessary--boosters targeting Omicron as fast as possible
Based on the numbers, definitely seems like MOderna booster in either dosage has meaningful positive impact.  And if I am every other company, I am trying to get optimized booster into production.   And if I am in the government, I am trying to make this simpler and faster than it is currently.
At the rate omicron is moving, I doubt it would be possible to market an optimized booster in time to be relevant. By the time they run trials, we will be on to the next one.
BAsed on the numbers, I agree with you 82Card.  this "wave" could peak the first week of January or some other close timeframe, and recede as quickly as it rose.  Time to look ahead beyond Omicron and how best to live with endemic COVID

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