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Booster Hesitancy
My wife, 58, did not want to get the booster because she felt extremely sick for two days after the second dose. The symptoms were all extreme and included nausea and weakness. Only at the end of the second day could she hold down water, in the form of ice chips that I would feed to her every few minutes. (Doctor's recommendation).

After the Omicron thing I asked her to speak to her doctor about the booster. The doctor recommended it and also prescribed anti-nausea medicine. It made my wife say she will schedule a shot. So if you know someone who is hesitant to get a booster due to a previous reaction, a conversation with their physician may be helpful. 

Are there cases where boosters are contra indicated?
I expect vaccines & boosters are contraindicated for those that have had anaphylactic reactions to any vaccine. (I am not a MD. Be sure to read all the FDA/CDC literature for contraindications.)

I would weigh the discomfort & inconvenience of a (scheduled) reaction to the booster, compared to the probability & risks of an (unscheduled) illness.

I know two people with non-standard reactions: Person 1 had sudden, intense vertigo about 50 hours post booster, and more dizziness the next morning; Person 2 had imbalance (not dizziness) after 2nd vaccine. Dizziness/vertigo are one of the more reported reactions to the mRNAs (and possibly other vaccinations as I didn't check). If you imagine getting intense dizziness while driving, it can be quite dangerous.

Consider reporting adverse events through

I would recommend getting vaccines on Friday, with no plans for the weekend.

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