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About this board
Welcome to theCOVIDboard.

History:  A number of sports fans of Stanford University are members of an entirely unrelated discussion board called the CARDboard.  In spring of 2020 the world paused as COVID spread through the US.  Sports were cancelled just before college basketball championships.  A special forum sprung up on the CARDboard to discuss COVID.

After about 8 months of healthy and sometimes heated discussion of all things COVID, the decision was made to shut down that forum.  Some of the members wanted to continue the information sharing that happened on the board.

So theCOVIDboard was created.  I hope it can be useful as we all continue to deal with this virus and its affect on individuals and society.  We all hope that this board will only be of historical interest in a few months.

One consequence of this will be a bias toward more information about the San Francisco Bay Area and California. If this board grows to include other areas, we may want to use the Regional forum to separate discussions into our own regions.

In the meantime, let's share information about the disease, how it is affecting people and society, and hopefully how it eventually becomes irrelevant.  Ask questions, provide information and your opinions.  That's how we learn and cope.   

Stay civil and stay healthy.


P.S. The previous forum was a single forum with a temporally ordered set of threads.  I found that to be a bit scattered.  Related threads would be pages apart, which contributed to thread drift.   I've provided a few forums on some of the major areas of interest to me.  

Some have suggested that the previous mechanism was better.  The additional forums don't block the old style.  Indeed, I'd protect that most of the members will simply post in one forum, jumping from topic to topic.  I would prefer a little more organization, but we shall see what evolves.

Note that the dot beside the forum name will be dark if there are unseen messages. (Click on it to mark all as seen). Similarly, the dot next to subthreads indicates if there are unseen messages.

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