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HHS Secretary encouraging quicker vaccinations thru relaxed ordering
HHS Secretary Alazar has encouraged the states to avoid micromanaging the priority of vaccinations and to open the  shots to older Americans.

Quote:“If they are using all the vaccine that is allocated, ordered, distributed, shipped and they are getting it into health-care providers arms, every bit of it, that’s great,” he added. “But if for some reason their distribution is struggling and they are having vaccine sit in freezers, then by all means you ought to be opening it up to people 70 and older.”

I note that he used "70 and older".  The CDC's Group 1B, which at least some states have opened up, includes 75 and older.  (Some states have different group 1B.

The California Department of Public Health has also called for more flexibility in vaccine administration, suggesting that the next phase (1B) be started when the demand from the current phase is dropping.

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