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SCC lowest in a year
On May 31, 2021, Santa Clara County (CA) reported a 7-day running average of 23 cases.  That was the first time the cases have been less than a year ago (24 on May 31, 2020).

Yeah!!!  Thanks to the officials who instituted controls, the health workers who took care of the sick, all those who followed the controls, to the pharmaceutical companies who worked on helping the sick and to find & make a vaccine, and to the politicians and all those involved in getting the vaccine to the people.

As Yogi(?) said, it ain't over, but we have come a long way in an amazingly short time frame.

(There have been many comparisons to the flu pandemic of 1918-1920, killing 17-100M people.  Were you aware of the encephalitis pandemic at the same time (1915-1926, that killed 1.5M people)?)
I had not heard of the encephalitis epidemic.   Thanks--interesting!

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