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SCC Lowest in 10.5 months
I find it encouraging that Santa Clara County has its lowest average number of daily new cases in 10.5  months and the numbers continue to drop.  As of 5/4/21, there were 68 new cases per day, and the slope is downward.  On 6/19/20, the county was at 71 and has been higher than that ever since.   On 5/4/20, we were averaging only 17 cases. (And then the end of May hit...)

In 2 or 3 weeks, I think we will have fewer new cases than a year before.  Yeah!
It may be much longer to get down to 17 cases/day. (It has taken 3 months to drop by a factor of 4 to get to where we are now.)

Unfortunately, for both now and then, the case numbers are depressed because of people not being tested.  The reasons are probably different now than then.

We probably are approaching the point that case tracing may be feasible again.  We know so much more now. But is it worth tracing?  Quite possibly not.

Oh, the lies we tell ourselves..... I drove down El Camino in Sunnyvale today and noticed a "Outdoor dining" sign on a tent that as far as I could tell completely enclosed the "outdoor dining".   I would bet that that "outdoor" volume has fewer air replacements per hour than the adjacent indoor dining area (with forced air circulation).
you are soooo right about the fully-enclosed "outdoor dining"!  

Great to see cases dropping.
I've been testing quite a bit. No positives in over a month. We are seeing some Rhinovirus. I've had one Parainfluenza case. I think most of the cases are now in older teens and younger adults, who are frequently asymptomatic or minimally symptomatic. We don't test when people aren't calling in to our offices with symptoms.

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