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India probably has 10,000 deaths a day. They are claiming 3,500, but most indications are that only 1/3 are being counted. There have probably been more deaths in India than here in the US. And there is no end in sight. This is the disaster that most of my friends from India feared a year ago. The medical infrastructure there is undeveloped and vulnerable.
my friends in INdia share a similar perspective.   they, and I, are also surprised it did not happen sooner.   Tragic nonetheless, and probably preventable to some degree
Apparently India has lined up 2 billion doses of vaccine, across 8 different vaccine manufacturers, before the end of the year.  Those 8 do not include Pfizer, Moderna, J&J, or Sinopharm, with whom they are still working with to get supplies.
Most of those companies do not have products ready to ship. Or approved by anyone. They are all in trials except for the Russian vaccine. Which never went through a trial that we would find acceptable in the US.

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