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California Phase 1A, 1B & 1C vaccination guidelines
(01-31-2021, 09:40 AM)ChrisGreene Wrote: Agreed. It always seems to come down to weighing two risks, both of which are unknown.

I wonder how I will advise my children, 19 and 20, when their turn in line comes. Low risk for them if they get the disease. In the best case scenario, the risk of getting the disease to being with may be lower because so many others are vaccinated. Plus, with a longer life expectancy a neurological disorder like Guillain-Barre syndrome somehow seems even more tragic.

i agree the decision of when it makes the most sense to take the vaccine is heavily impacted by the person’s age. I don’t know when I’d want my children to take the vaccine, but I am sure I will have the opportunity to review the phase 3 trial for children beforehand.

but a few additional factors to consider:
first, i’d want to know more about the prevalence of complications in children from covid, like MIS-C or whether children experience long haul Covid. A lot of people with mild cases and no symptoms show damage in their lungs, heart or elsewhere afterwards, and there are a lot of ace2 receptors in a male’s testes, so overall my inclination would be to vaccinate

Second, with 19 or 20 year old children, colleges may require vaccinations to enroll, possibly by this fall.  Eventually, all kids will be required to vaccinate for college, or public school.

Last, I also consider that not vaccinating children could at some point contribute to mutations. Wouldn’t it be sad if we almost eradicated Covid, and vaccinated everyone except children, and then it mutated in children?

but I agree children should be among the last to be vaccinated, and there will be a lot more safety data before needing to make any decisions

My guess is that I’d feel comfortable vaccinating my middle schooler before the start of school this fall and my elementary school child before vacationing in the summer of ‘22

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