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News or no news?
We all know that the L.A. Times is one of the major newspapers in the US.  Yet, it seems either they chose to ignore something or they were scooped by Deadline.

Yahoo News had this article from Deadline (article dated 4/19):
  Los Angeles Has 5 Current Covid-19 Outbreaks Involving Schools — All Associated With Youth Sports
(Deadline primarily covers the entertainment industry).   The article indicates that LA County Public Health Director, " Barbara Ferrer, [on Monday] said the five current Covid-19 outbreaks involving schools — three in Santa Clarita and one each in Redondo Beach and Agoura Hills — “all are associated with participation in youth sports, not with attending instruction at school" 
......  The current outbreaks involve students participating in soccer, basketball, baseball and dance.”

So, I went to the LA Times to see if there were more details I could find on this.  Nothing. What I did find was the story, dated 4/14, that LA Unified School District (LAUSD) opened indoor sports.   Just to make sure, I searched for Barbara Ferrer's name, by recency.  Nothing about these sports-related outbreaks is to be found.  The two articles since the weekend mentioning her name were primarily about the vaccine supply.

It will be interesting to see if the LA Times covers this or buries it.

The LA Times had a related article (about LAUSD), dated 4/19
LAUSD coronavirus testing reveals 177 infections prior to first campus openings
but it doesn't mention sports or Ferrer.
I have also heard vague references by health officers in other counties suggesting that they have had outbreaks associated with your sports but these are also without any details. No idea what, where, how or how many. Mysterious.

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