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COVID deaths in the time of the vaccine
There's an AP story of some heart-wrenching deaths while COVID vaccine was available to some, but not in time to save some people that wanted it.  One woman lost her husband, 65, after he got sick before an appointment for the vaccine, and their children 33 & 38.  She got the dose as a health care worker.   

Another woman, dying of COVID in a hospice, received a call for her vaccine appointment.

We who have gotten the vaccine need to remember that we have been so very lucky, but we need to do all we can to protect ourselves and others.

I went in for routine medical labs today.  Before I went in, they asked about exposure and such.   As I was driving there, I did a mental calculation.  My back-of-the-envelope estimate is that there are one to two people in Santa Clara County that are fully vaccinated and come down with COVID every day.  Hopefully, their cases will be mild but they could spread it to others.   

For the US, there are about 63K new cases a day.  100M people have 1 dose or more.  As I figure it, the math works out for about 2% of those cases to be people that have had the vaccine, or about 1300 people a day.

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