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‘Long COVID’
From the Mercury News:
 "Long COVID’ emerges in more than one-quarter of healthy people with modest initial illness"
based on
"COVID Symptoms, Symptom Clusters, and Predictors for Becoming a Long-Hauler: Looking for Clarity in the Haze of the Pandemic"
(Kudos to the Mercury News for providing an interpretation, but also linking to the original work!)

Quote:27% reported persistent symptoms after 60 days. Women were more likely to become long-haulers, and all age groups were represented with those aged 50 ± 20 years comprising 72% of cases. Presenting symptoms included palpitations, chronic rhinitis, dysgeusia, chills, insomnia, hyperhidrosis, anxiety, sore throat, and headache among others. We identified 5 symptom clusters at day 61+: chest pain-cough, dyspnea-cough, anxiety-tachycardia, abdominal pain-nausea, and low back pain-joint pain. Long-haulers represent a very significant public health concern, and there are no guidelines to address their diagnosis and management.
I think I read that the vaccines help with long COVID.   Does anyone else recall this, or have a good source to post?
I read this Huffington Post article today.
Quote:A recent informal poll from Survivor Corps, a Facebook community of COVID-19 survivors, found that 36% of people with long-haul symptoms noticed improvements in their condition after vaccination. About 50% remained the same. Other unofficial surveys have also estimated that about a third of patients with long COVID feel better after getting a vaccine.
THanks.   Not any kind of an overwhelming confirmation IMO
I saw news articles quoting a percentage of people whos symptoms have eased after getting a vaccine. No information on the percentage of people whos symptoms have eased after not getting the vaccine. No information to be had.

A German language podcast that I like to listen to has a couple of medical professionals interpreting studies and making opinions. I learned that vaccines, as well as bacterial or viral infections are known to cause immune response problems. That is, any of the three items, vaccines, bacterial or viral infections, can specifically cause a problem such as blood clotting due to the fact that the immune system is attacking part of the body's system that manages repair of blood vessels. Other immune dysfunction is also known. This is the reason why the British vaccine got so much attention despite the low incidence - the medical community is aware of and actively looking for this sort of thing. 

There is lots of stuff to talk about, but the bottom line is that a virus can cause long term problems in the host long after it is eliminated by having an impact on the immune system. It could be that long covid has little to do with the virus but much to do with respect to changes that were made to the immune system. When this can be studied and understood, it's not hopeless. There are autoimmune problems  today that can be addressed, sadly conditions like arthritis are not among them.  Hopefully, long covid is an easier problem if it is indeed an immune dysfunction.

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