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California zip codes with priority

Over half my patients live in the three Oakland zip codes.
If the decision of where to prioritize vaccine was based on rates of infection (new cases or historical) or deaths, then that would be great.  But this is NOT being done to maximize the health of Californians.   Meanwhile, the limited vaccines aren't going to other areas that are being or have been hit harder, where the vaccines would have greater health benefit.

For Alameda County, the 3 zip codes are ranked #8, #10, #12 of that county's zip codes in new infection rates.  They are rated #2, #3, #4 for historical infection rates.

For San Francisco County, the 2 zip codes are ranked #1 and #17 in current new infection rates and #4 and #7 for historical infection rates.  Their historical infection rates are much less that of un-prioritized zip codes in Alameda County.

(This source doesn't show infection rates by zip code for the other two counties, so I can't comment on them.)

Alameda (not all zips shown; this is ordered by Per 10k over the last 14 days)
AreaCasesPer 10kLast 14 daysPer 10kPrioritized
94720: Berkeley1851,385645
94586: Sunol34427225
94541: Hayward5,73788114622
94544: Hayward6,99590714218
94607: Oakland1,2124554015
94545: Hayward2,2287044514
94605: Oakland2,4645815613
94621: Oakland3,8771,1784012Prioritized
94538: Fremont2,6814197512
94603: Oakland4,1151,2383811Prioritized
94606: Oakland2,0535544111
94601: Oakland5,4691,0275711Prioritized
94560: Newark2,5995874610
94579: San Leandro1,0425152010
94619: Oakland1,0594402310

San Francisco (not all zips; this is ordered by total cases per 10k)
AreaCasesPer 10kLast 14 daysPer 10kPrioritized

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