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The OH SH*T! Moment for Covid Mutations/Variants
(02-10-2021, 12:12 PM)cardcrimson Wrote: Just a tad bit of sarcasm after the msm consternation over the "Chinese Virus". . . .

As for B.1.426, I assume you're referring to the Newsom/Garcetti strain. . . .

You have a point that it seems hypocritical that "Chinese virus" was considered bad by "msm" but "UK or South African variant" is not. But you have to understand the context and the long history of racism and xenophobia against Asians in America. Japanese internment at Manzanar, Chinese Exclusion Act, Vincent Chin, etc. The phrase may seem harmless, but it's clearly derogatory use by our ex-president (kung flu?!) fans hate and racism in a segment of the population, and that has resulted in a surge in hate crimes against Asian Americans:

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