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Novavax releases UK study preliminary results

Of greatest concern — the vaccine was 96% efficacious against the original strain, nearly 86% efficacious against the new UK strain, and, in a smaller South African study, 60% efficacious against the new S African strain (among specifically HIV-negative South Africans, it did worse among HIV positive and negative S Africans).

Novavax was the most promising vaccine early on, and its (preliminary) efficacy of 96% against the original strain is the highest yet. So, I worry the other vaccines could be less than 60% efficacious against the S African strain.

I am very glad Moderna and Pfizer have begun work on a modified shot for the new mutations.

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Novavax releases UK study preliminary results - by Snorlax94 - 01-28-2021, 03:07 PM

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