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MercuryNews: Santa Clara County investigating hospital for offering...
While I feel strongly that the older groups at risk should have priority, the state put teachers in Phase 1B Tier 1. It was only after the CDC and HHS said to open vaccinations to 65+ did the state add 65+ to the prior Tier 1 of 75+ and certain workers. See for the current phases & tiers.

Some counties then adjust the state's guidelines to their priorities. Some have opened to 65+ generally. Some have not.

I know there are many who feel schools should be open. It also seems unethical to ask teachers to put themselves at risk (people under 65 are at risk, just reduced).

I know a family in which the parents are split. One parent got COVID, gave it to the kids when they were with that parent, and then the kids gave it to the other parent who has been extremely isolated from others. Kids are people. They do get COVID and they do infect others. It is both a blessing and a curse that the disease in them is often hard to notice.

The ethics of offering it to one subgroup (say, teachers in one district but not all) is a slippery surface. For instance, why should Kaiser offer its vaccine to their patients and not, say, to anyone in harder hit areas? (I do believe that is proper as the state is trying to utilize the medical organizations to distribute the vaccine.)

I think Stanford tried to do an age-based distribution for the 15K doses for all their staff that they got within 8 days, but a tempest arose over the optics of it.

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