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Boris Johnson: UK Mutation may be more lethal, as well
(01-23-2021, 04:48 PM)cardcrimson Wrote: Help me understand what's wrong going to Trader Joe's. I've been going to TJ's, Whole Foods and Safeway throughout the pandemic. Target on occasion, too. Masked every time, though no longer wipe anything down when I come home, as fomite transmission turned out to be pretty much a myth. "Dying or killing others?" Seriously?
Trader Joe's is awesome in every respect.

My in-law is 89 years old, has heart issues, is a cancer survivor, and is on a complicated pharmaceutical regimen. He also doesn't wear the mask over his nose, and his wife not at all. His wife also ticks off several comorbidities. We arrange to have anything he wants delivered. Yes, small gatherings of family is the #1 cause, but I wish this high risk individual could manage just four more weeks of not shopping especially because someone else does it for him. However, this is his choice and I must respect that.

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