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New strains
The CDC has a page on some of the variants.

Has anyone seen whether there have been reinfections from the new variants for those who had COVID before?
This article references a Dutch site that has identified 9000 possible reinfections. It appears that recently some Brazilian researchers are tracking reinfections (I can't read the article).
This Jan. 19th article indicates some 4,000 possible reinfections in South Africa.

Here is the Moderna press release on its neutralizing titers against the UK and S.Africa strains. Moderna is studying vaccine boosters for the South African variant.

Here is a January 27 BioRXIV report on the neutralizing titers for Pfizer against viruses created with the key mutations of the UK and South African viruses. Results were 0.8 to 1.4 compared to the virus without the mutations.
Comments about a Jan. 20 BioRXIV report on the Pfizer vaccine vs the UK variant.
One person wrote "The E484K mutation is an escape mutant and this is present in the South African variant (B1.351) and both Brazilian variants P1 and P2)"

As I read the Jan 27 report, the Pfizer vaccine appears to be pretty much as effective against the South African variant.

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