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Is it time to start producing the next vaccine?
You were right,chris.

Moderna announced there is a sixfold reduction in the neutralizing response to the S African strain and They are looking into tweaking its vaccine.

We have yet to see  what a sixfold reduction means — will the vaccine still be effective? Will it still be extremely protective against serious cases?

Anyway, I think this is very bad news. I’m surprised the stock markets aren’t tanking. Less developed countries lacking the ability to mass vaccinate with a tweaked formula every year could be screwed, which could in turn, lead to more mutations.

I guess one upside of having to wait so long to be vaccinated is that maybe by then I’ll be getting the updated vaccine.

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RE: Is it time to start producing the next vaccine? - by Snorlax94 - 01-25-2021, 03:18 PM

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