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Is it time to start producing the next vaccine?
Tremendous harm, if you mean "produce".  Production is running at full blast and resources are being diverted to the current vaccines.

By my calculation, Moderna & Pfizer will just barely cover Phase 1A and 65+, with all that has been (pre) purchased and expected delivery by July 31.  Take away production from those and people will die from the current COVID.   Reduce the delivery of vaccinations now, and more variants will spring forth before we can get herd immunity for the current virus variants.

If you mean "test", are you thinking that we stop the current testing on 12-16yo so they can be approved some day?

If you mean "design", that may be ok, but it took most of a year to get the current two vaccines approved and into production.  It will have to go through design, and then 3 phases of testing, EUA, and production.

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RE: Is it time to start producing the next vaccine? - by M_T - 01-19-2021, 04:26 PM

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