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Is it time to start producing the next vaccine?
I just read this article about concerns that a variant of COVID from South Africa might be resistant to the vaccine after all.

Is it time to start production of mRNA vaccines for this variant? Supposedly it takes only days to design the vaccine. 

If the vaccine is "similar" to ones that already have EUA, can it be approved without Phase 3 trials. We get a new flu vaccine every year without having them go through Phase 3 trials. I've speculated that this is possible because the new vaccines are similar to the old ones in some way that gives confidence in safety.

It might make sense to pay companies to start up entirely new manufacturing lines for key variants. It would cost a lot less than going through this mess again.

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Is it time to start producing the next vaccine? - by ChrisGreene - 01-19-2021, 12:55 PM

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