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Wastewater & a possible peak passed
It seems a lot of government officials and organizations (and truckers) believe the curve of infections will continue to drop and are relaxing restrictions on the most infectious and widespread disease, before infections are down to the pandemic levels at their worst before two months ago.  (No, never mind the current death rate.)

It is reassuring to see the numbers at the Biobot site.  The levels are down, but (as I said), still higher than most of the peaks prior to two months ago.

In addition, I found these numbers interesting.  The CDC's numbers on relative frequency of variants is suspect to me, because they are taken from a minuscule number of samples compared to infection levels.  Those numbers are vulnerable to selection biases.   The sewage data seems a much better barometer of the relative number of variants (or, perhaps the amount of virus shed into sewage).

Sample date     Jan 19      Feb 2
Region     Omicron   Delta  Delta
Nationwide  96.9%    3.1%    1.6%
Midwest     97.3%    2.7%    1.1%
Northeast   96.0%    4.0%    2.2%
South       97.2%    2.8%    1.6%
West        99.1%    0.9%    0.5%

Frankly, I was surprised to see that much Delta.  I had hoped that Omicron would squash Delta into absolute 0.
And, it is interesting to speculate why the West has 1/3 the level of Delta relative to Omicron versus the rest of the country.

I am disappointed to see that many of the places they were monitoring have no recent samples.

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