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Antibodies for vaccinated with/without natural infection
Good for you for taking a test before going to the airport. The US is now encouraging tests on the day of mixing in public (for unvax for public events). I haven't seen but news reports that Omicron gets virulent faster. If so, that could help explain its infectiousness. And, of course, we all hope your case remains mild.

California is again requiring masks for all people at public gatherings.

I have 2 relatives that are showing cold-type symptoms (one with fever) 2 days after attending an unmasked party. I'm wondering if there are any testing services that identify Omicron (separately from Delta). A quick look didn't show any. There are definitely tests that do, but I don't know whether if they go to, say CVS, for a test, whether that testing service's tests identify Omicron or just simply identify COVID.

Knowing nothing more than you are a "breakthrough" case, I'd guess you have a good chance that you got Omicron. CDC reports that 3% of the US cases (0.9% of California) now are Omicron. They didn't say what % of breakthrough cases are Omicron.

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