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Antibodies for vaccinated with/without natural infection
Delta breakthrough infections elicit potent, broad and durable neutralizing antibody responses

Quote:However,  we  show  that  Delta  breakthrough  cases,  subjects  who  were  vaccinated  after  
SARS-CoV-2  infection  and  individuals  vaccinated  three  times  (without  infection)  have  
serum  neutralizing  activity  of  comparable  magnitude  and  breadth  indicate  that  multiple  
types of exposure or increased number of exposures to SARS-CoV-2 antigen(s) enhance 
spike-specific antibody responses.

Graph A shows the  level of antibodies over time (30, 60, ... days)
B, C, and D show different kinds antibodies at the same time (shortly after infection or vaccination)

A thru D are measures of how effective the antibodies were against one particular culture of COVID.
E and F are the same  graph as D but against two other cultures of COVID.

In each graph are different groups of people.  Purple triangles are vaccinated people that got Delta (so probably recently).
The cyan diamonds are people who were infected with COVID (original or other) and then got vaccinated.
The orange circles are people who have been vaccinated but not had COVID.
The gray squares are people that were infected (in WA in 2020) but not vaccinated.
The white circles are people that were not vaccinated and not had COVID.
2X means two vaccinations.  3X means three vaccinations

[Image: COVIDab-Walls.png]

Quote:Figure 1: Repeated exposures to  SARS-CoV-2 antigens through  vaccination  or infection enhance S-specific serum IgG and IgA binding titers. 

(A) Serum IgG binding titers at 30 or 60 days post infection or 10, 112, or 180 days post second or third vaccine dose were evaluated
for longitudinal samples by ELISA using prefusion-stabilized SARS-CoV-2 S Hexapro as
antigen. Serum samples were obtained from  individuals who had a Delta breakthrough infection
(n=15, magenta triangle), were previously infected then vaccinated (n=15, teal diamond), have
only  been  vaccinated  (n=15,  orange circle),  were  infected in  2020 in Washington  State  (n=15,
gray  square),  or  were  SARS-CoV-2  naive  (samples  taken  prior  to  vaccination,  n=15,  open

(B)  Serum  IgA  binding  titers  at  30  days  post  infection  or  10  days  post  second
vaccine  dose  were  evaluated  by  ELISA  using  prefusion-stabilized  SARS-CoV-2  S  Hexapro  as

© Serum IgM binding titers at 30 days post infection or 10 days post second vaccine
dose  were evaluated by ELISA using prefusion-stabilized SARS-CoV-2 S Hexapro as antigen. 

(D) Serum  IgG binding titers were evaluated by ELISA at 30 days post infection, 10 days post 
second  or  third    vaccine  dose  or  prior  to  SARS-CoV-2  exposure  (SARS-CoV-2  naive)  using  
prefusion-stabilized SARS-CoV 2P S as antigen. 

(E-F) Serum IgG binding titers were evaluated 
at 30 days post infection,  10 days post second or third vaccine dose, or prior to SARS-CoV-2 
exposure (SARS-CoV-2 naive) by ELISA using OC43 S (E) or HKU1 2P S (F) as antigen. # of 
doses:  number  of  vaccine  doses  received. 

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