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"Texas" vaccine / CORBEVAX
Note: I merged NoGoldenCalves's "CORBEVAX" thread into this earlier one about the same product.

I'm not aware that there has been a trial of this vaccine in the US nor is there a US EUA for it.
Texas Children's Hospital developed (or partially developed) the product. TCH's press release indicates that it has received an EUA in India for its use.

The COVISHIELD product they compare it to is apparently the AstraZeneca vaccine.

The press release indicates it "is indicative of" vaccine effectiveness of > 90% against the original strain and > 80% against Delta for prevention of symptomatic infection. The "indicative" phrasing must mean they are depending on a lab measurement rather than clinical trials (where would they have found enough patients with the original strain to get any measurement?).

They also say that it had < 30% drop in immune response at 6 months.

(FYI, I had my tonsils removed at TCH. In full disclosure, I have a relative who works at Baylor College of Medicine (but, as far as I know was not involved in this.))

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