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Sutter Health claims 1B starts next week
I think it is wise to take the 75+ first. They represent about a months worth of vaccine (at least in CA), so the rest of Phase 1B Tier One is put off an average of two weeks (2M 75+ take about a month for 2M doses/month for CA; By moving them to the front, every one else in their group is delayed on average by half that time.)

The state guidelines were updated on Wednesday to include 65+ in Phase 1B Tier One. Santa Clara County vaccine info was similarly updated by Thursday morning.

Per this news report, Kaiser is taking appointments with 65+. Sutter Health, Santa Clara County Health, and El Camino Health are taking only 75+ at this time. For this county, SCC PHD indicates what are the policies at the various organizations.

There was a mass vaccination clinic at Disneyland that was taking 65+.

SCC has quit listing the number of doses they receive because the multi-county entities (Kaiser, Sutter Health, etc.) are getting a separate set of doses. How many they allocate to SCC may be unknown to the county. I've seen no indication by California as to how they are allocating doses. The US government is listing how much each state is getting. Texas is listing how many each distributor (individual pharmacies mostly) is getting.

I don't remember if I mentioned it here... One of the comments I made to the CA group taking public comments was several suggestions on how to minimize a land rush for vaccination reservations being won by those that were technologically advantaged.

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