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Sutter Health claims 1B starts next week
I have similar concerns. How does your health provider know if you are an essential worker; how does your employer know your health situation; how does the county or even a pharmacy know either?

In today's HHS press conference, where 65+ and <65 with comorbidities was recommended for immediate eligibility, there was an indication that the comorbidities were documented by your health provider (presumably, some sort of letter).

For essential workers, I would think some other letter is necessary. I actually have such a letter from March but it doesn't say what kind of work I do (in CA, only some industries currently qualify).

HHS Secretary Azar said something to the effect of "We can tolerate having some be out of order in order to streamline the process," but he meant some 1B before the last of 1A. But I think the principle applies for essential work categories.

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Sutter Health claims 1B starts next week - by M_T - 01-09-2021, 07:13 AM
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