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Sutter Health claims 1B starts next week
Thanks for sharing that information. I’m a patient of PAMF as well but (not surprisingly) did not receive that email, so I assume it was a targeted email for people 65+?

You raise the big question — after we move past healthcare workers and ltcfs, how do we know who qualifies?

I imagine the default plan is to involve whoever can verify the information.

When teachers qualify, I imaginine the districts will be involved.

When people only with certain co-morbidities qualify, I imagine those doses will be given out by the person’a provider (like PAMF). Pharmacies may also know what medications you take.

When Costco workers qualify, I imagine the employers will have to be involved.

There are still a lot of cracks — what if certain employers or healthcare providers are unable to facilitate this? What if someone had co-morbidities but didn’t currently have a local healthcare provider or clinic they regularly use?

I’d be okay with using the honor system if the alternative is having a lot of vaccine lying around undistributed. IE, if grocery stores had no capacity to facilitate its workers being vaccinated, I’d rather the county just run a clinic in a park where people sign a document stating they qualify, if the alternative was having doses go unused for long periods of time. I imagine this would be for just some exceptional cases.

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