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Biden & Single shot/Delayed Second Shot
We can avoid a “Ponzi scheme” type hole if we simply stop giving first doses when expected shipments are ending.

For example, if we expect 100M doses of Pfizer through the end of March and we’re not sure when the Q2 doses start, we can cap the accelerated first doses at 50M. It still gets out many of those doses out more quickly.

Anyway, this is now policy and I guess it’s not even the Biden Accelerated plan anymore as the Trump administration has adopted this plan.

Trump administration reverses course and adopts part of Biden vaccine distribution plan
Washington (CNN)
The Department of Health and Human Services is expected to announce sweeping changes Tuesday in vaccine rollout guidelines in an effort to boost the lagging number of vaccinations in the first month -- effectively adopting the approach proposed by President-elect Joe Biden's incoming administration.

The Trump administration plans to release reserved second doses immediately, a senior administration official tells CNN. The official expects reserved doses to be distributed over the next two weeks.

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