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Vaccine effectiveness in "real world"
We all work with what our risk perceptions, risk tolerance, and tolerance for non-pharmaceutical interventions are.

I think I reported here that a Stanford MD's husband was washing groceries in May.  I still wash (or remove an outer box) for frozen and/or fresh food.   I am wearing my mask in public though I am fully vaccinated and live in a county where the infection rate is (by US standards) low-ish.  I leave or am only reluctantly shopping where the clerks are not wearing masks, even if the Governor says they aren't required.  (Has he done away with the pretense that the Health Officer calls the shots for medical issues?)  

(By the way, all the staff at the Fish Market in Palo Alto and Armadillo Willy's in Los Altos had masks on when I went to pick up food in the last week.)

On the other hand, my unvaccinated (too young), once-infected grandchildren were taken to Disneyland Saturday by their father.  (Sigh.)

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