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Vaccine effectiveness in "real world"
A study out of England mixes cold water and warm water to get tepid water.

At least as covered by CNBC, the study measures the (combined) efficacy of the AZ and Pfizer vaccinations after a single dose. (That certainly sounds like a politically-motivated decision.)

When no distinction is made between the vaccines, the effectiveness as 65% at 21 days after the first dose (compared to 80% for Pfizer reported by the CDC in a smaller study).
Quote:Symptomatic infections fell by 74% three weeks after a single dose of either vaccine, while asymptomatic cases were down by 57%, the data showed.

A second vaccine dose reduced the overall infection rate by 70%, with symptomatic Covid infections down by 90% and asymptomatic cases of the virus cut by 49%.

If you didn't notice, there were a higher rate of asymptomatic cases after 2 doses than after 1. Presumably this is because a higher percentage of the cases were asymptomatic after two doses than the cases after one dose.

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