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California/SCC vaccine inequitable allocations
If Santa Clara County's vaccine dashboard has accurate information, first doses are being inequitably allocated to health care entities in Santa Clara County by a factor of more than 3, depending upon whether someone is with Kaiser Permanente, Sutter/PAMF, or other.

Based on the Santa Clara County (SCC) dashboard data for January 20 - Feb. 2, the incremental number of 1st doses allocated in the County:
52,290 Santa Clara County (allocated to different groups in the county)  (1,046,500+ patients) (50.0 doses per 1000 patients)
           43,540 SCC Health  (300,000 patients) (145 doses per 1000 patients)
                   0 Stanford  (341,000 patients)     (0 doses per 1000 patients)
             1,400 El Camino Health  (140,000 patients)  (10 doses per 1000 patients)
              -975  HCA Healthcare (265,500 patients)    (<0 doses per 1000 patients)
             8,325  others  (? patients)
 9,550  Kaiser Permanente  (600,000 patients)  (15.9 doses per 1000 patients)
13,500 Sutter(PAMF)   (427,000 patients)     (31.6 doses per 1000 patients)

80,650 total  (2,073,500+ patients;  Population is about 1.93M)

Patient numbers are derived from the SCC COVID-19 Testing dashboard, and are clearly estimates.

KP and Sutter get their doses state-wide from the state and then allocate to their facilities.  As I understand it, the county doesn't know those numbers, so the numbers have to be reported by KP & Sutter to the county.

The County refuses to provide vaccines to those that use Kaiser or PAMF/Sutter.

It appears that the 50 1st doses per 1000 patients (population) is double than the average for the state of California.
The CDC indicates that 485,800 1st doses were shipped to California for each of those weeks. Based on total CA population(39.5M), that is 24.6 doses per 1000 people.  However those doses have to be split among the counties and the multi-county entities (KP, Sutter, ...).

That much disparity seems unlikely.   Indeed, if the 1st doses sent to SCC were based on the full 1.95M population of the county, then SCC would have received 26.8 doses per 1000 people.

Something doesn't add up right.

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