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Houston fills January vaccine appts in a few hours
(01-11-2021, 02:15 PM)magnus Wrote: I know some > 70 yr olds in a Houston suburb.

They tried to get on the schedule but were unable through normal channels.
Then a friend of theirs forwarded a private invite link (for Hospital employed doctors' patients) that they were able to use.  They were even able to jump on a last second appt slot.   Unfortunately, the hospital realized their mistake and the day of, called them to say that they were not on the intended list.  They have had appts in the hospital before, but perhaps not with hospital employed doctors.

Back to square one.

Texas publishes how many doses are going to which pharmacies.  It amazed me just how many places were getting doses. 
For instance
(change the week number).
Now that you have the locations, get on the phone to the pharmacies and find out who they are giving them to.

I have two siblings in TX that are MDs. One got his through the hospital that he works about 12/30.  The other is independent and had to work through the state medical office to get his vaccination.  Their spouses (60s & 70s) have gotten vaccinations through public channels but know others that called in too late.   Vaccination rate in Texas is 2.1% of the eligible population. (CA: 1.5%, where health care workers constitute 6% of the population).

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