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Amount of vaccine
(01-25-2021, 10:53 AM)cardcrimson Wrote: When in doubt, blame Trump.

On the other hand, I had to log into my Kaiser account today, and Kaisers shows how many vaccines they've received, and how many they've given out. Received 490k, injected, 460k. 94% while California as a whole is around 40%.

Yes, Kaiser has claimed that it does that well (91%) in Santa Clara County.  Great, but I'd feel better if those numbers were confirmed by external agencies.

On the other hand, Kaiser claimed that it has 50% of the 65+ of California as patients.  The 490K is out of 4.9M distributed to California. Even if you subtract off Phase 1-A's estimate of 2.5M, that leaves Kaiser saying they've received only 25% of Phase 1-B doses.   That seems odd unless they are doing the stockpiling of 2nd doses that the US Government was doing.  I'd look closely to see if that 490K was "1st doses", as well as trying to understand how many of those were for their staff rather than customers.  California estimated something like 2.2M front-line health care workers.  How many of those work for Kaiser?   I don't know.

But still, Kaiser appears to be doing a good job.

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