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Alameda and Contra Costa Counties. And California.
San Mateo County opened a drive-thru clinic Monday and perhaps another clinic for the phase 1A people that apply online.

I apparently missed the state making a deadline of August 1 for vaccinating most residents.
But SCC is going to have to ramp up to much faster pace (7x). SCC says it has vaccinated on about 52K of its residents. That's 2.6%. California has received enough doses for 8.6% of its population.

With at least 200M courses of vaccine by the end of July for the 250M 18+ in the US, this date seems a no-brainer. 6.5 months is plenty of time for SCC to do the 1.6M it needs to do. My concern is a faster start to reduce deaths now. The counties (SCC etc) need to be agile and go quickly, not bog down in the details of whether left handers are more or less deserving than right handers.

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