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If you go to the CDC site and look at quarantine/isolation guidance or guidance on caring for someone who is sick, it appears that the CDC acts like it won't admit that COVID is primarily spread by aerosols.  They are stuck in their early 2020 guidance of stay 6' away, wash hands and surfaces, and wear masks (vs respirators).

It really bothers me that an organization that claims that its decisions are science-based may start to pay lip service to the science, but then keeps their advice to the public unchanged by that science.

The CDC's page on masks shows 3 cotton masks as examples -- clearly not respirators.  Their advice universally uses the term "mask" for protection against COVID without ever discussing how much or how little masks (vs respirators) protect you from the spread of COVID.  Here's the CDC's July 2020 press release when they finally allowed that masks (not to mention respirators) were worth using.

Respirators are eventually mentioned, but only in the context of those from whom an infection may have severe consequences.  I guess I don't understand that how that makes sense.  Does how bad COVID affects you if you get it matter as to how best to avoid it?

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